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"I purchased your book from your mother and I want to tell you that reading your story brought tears of joy and hope to my eyes because at times I was having tears of sorrow . I want to tell you to stay encouraged and let God continue to use you to empower other women and young women. By reading your story it helped me to stand on my Faith and know that God is in control and to realize that I'm not Broken, I'm Better from my life challenges." -Gail Alexander

"Hello Nakisha, Thank you for sharing your book with me. It was very helpful because I'm also a Fatherless Daughter. I so needed this and I thank our Heavenly Father for using Danielle to connect us. I pray that we become good friends. It helps to know that you're not alone and the emptiness feelings inside are normal. I'm Not BROKEN I'm BETTER! I love it!!!" -Josie Wells

"What great setbacks and challenges that she has confronted and seemed to use all of them as a stepping stone to her victory and ultimate destination that God has destined for her life. To God be the glory for the things He has done and accomplished in her life. What a powerful testimony!" -Deacon Thomas Daniels, Brookland Baptist Church North East



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